IPOs & SPAC Calendar 2021


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Top 10 IPO 2021 Names

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Yahoo finance recently hinted at a set of highly anticipated IPOs in the deck from Q4 through early 2022:

  • Stripe
  • InstaCart
  • DataBricks
  • Discord
  • Plaid
  • Reddit
  • Acorns Grow
  • Impossible Foods

December 2021

  • Dec 12, HCP HashiCorp, Inc.
    Reddit has confidentially filed to go public via IPO

November 2021

  • Oct 18, SG Sweetgreen, Inc.
  • Oct 17, BRZE Braze, Inc.
  • Oct 10, RIVN, Rivian

October 2021

September 2021

  • Sept 22, TOST Toast
  • Sept 22, FRSH Freshworks
  • Sept 23, RELY Remitly
  • Reddit is seeking to hire investment bankers and lawyers for a U.S. IPO, sources say https://reut.rs/3BEv6ng

August 2021

  • Aug 24, WRBY | Warby Parker Inc.

July 2021

  • Jul 21, $PYCR | Paycor
  • Jul 21, $KLTR Kaltura
  • Jul 23, $OB | Outbrain
  • Jul 28 DUOL | Duolingo, Inc.
  • Jul 29 $HOOD | Robinhood

June 2021

  • Jun 3, $DLO |DLocal
  • Jun 9, $MQ | Marqeta
  • Jun 10, $MNDY | Monday.com
  • Jun 10, $DIBS | 1stdibs.com
  • Jun 11, $TASK | TaskUs
  • Jun 16 $WKME | WalkMe
  • Jun 23 $CXM | Sprinklr
  • Jun 24 CFLT | Confluent
  • Jun 30 S SentinelOne

May 2021

  • May 10 $SMWB | Similarweb

April 2021:

  • Apr 1 $COMP Compass | S1
  • Apr 1 $KLTR Kaltura
  • Apr 14 $COIN| Coinbase
  • Apr 15 TSP TuSimple Holdings
  • Apr 15 $APP | Applovin | S1
  • Apr 21 $PATH | UiPath
  • Apr 21 $DV | DoubleVerify
  • For all the SPAC IPOS click here.

March 2021:

  • 4 Mar: $OSCR | Oscar Health | S1
  • 10 Mar: $RBLX | Roblox | S1
  • 11 Mar: $CPNG | Coupang | S1
  • 17 Mar OLO | Olo, Inc. | S1 (Restaurant SaaS platform)
  • 24 Mar : DOCN | DigitalOcean
  • 25 Mar: VZIO | VIZIO Holding
  • 25 Mar: $SEMR | SEMrush Holdings
  • 26 Mar: TDUP | ThredUp
  • 31 Mar $COUR Coursera

February 2021:

  • 4 Feb: $LDI | LoanDepot | S1
  • 11 Feb: $BMBL | Bumble | S1

January 2021:

  • 12 Jan: $KUKE | Kuke Music | opened at $10 | Market cap $300M
  • 13 Jan: $AFRM | Affirm | $49 | $11.9B
  • 14 Jan: $WOOF | Petco Health & Wellness Co| $18 | $3.4B
  • 14 Jan: $POSH | Posmark | $42 | $2.7B | $2.7B
  • 14 Jan: $MSGM | Motorsport Games | $20 | $340M
  • 15 Jan: $DRVN | Driven Brands Holdings | $17–20 | $3.1B
  • 15 Jan: $PLTK | Playtika Holding | $22–24 | $9.5B
  • 21 Jan: $MYTE | Mytheresa |$16.00-$18.00 | $1.4b-$1.6b
  • 21 Jan: $RLX | RLX Technology Inc. | $8.00-$10.00 | $12.4b-$15.5b
  • 28 Jan: $ZIM | ZIM Integrated Shipping Services | $16.00-$19.00 | $1.6b-$1.9b
  • 28 Jan: $XM | Qualtrics International Inc. (Spin-off SAP) | $22.00-$26.00 | $11.1b-$13.1b

Please note that we don’t add biotech companies or companies with a valuation lower than $1B.

SPAC calendar 2021

December 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:

$FTVI Cassava Technologies, a unit of African telecom giant Econet, is in talks to go public via a SPAC backed by Betsy Cohen
US SPAC merger backed by the Spanish language broadcaster Univision may hold the key to a £3bn takeover of Playtech, the London-listed gambling software group, by a consortium led by Eddie Jordan, the former Formula One team owner.
$INKA — Near, a data intelligence co., is in talks to go public through a merger with KludeIn I Acquisition Corp.
Indian edtech startup Byju’s is in talks to go public through a SPAC merger that could value it at more than $40 billion
$CLAQ: Nauticus Robotics to Go Public in $560 Million SPAC Merger — WSJ

Confirmed deals:

$ACKI@BlackstoneGrid, the “market leader in outdoor griddles”
— Eve, “leader in the development of next-generation urban air solutions”
$AACI- Rezolve, a “leader in mobile commerce and engagement”
$NAAC -@TeleSign, a “leader in digital identity & CPaaS software solutions for global enterprises”
@Rubicon, “innovator in software-based smart waste and recycling solutions”
$SV — NuScale Power, “provider of transformational small modular nuclear reactor tech”
$GIIX -@planetfootprint, a “sustainability and materials science tech leader”
$GACQ — GP Global + Luminex, to “build a global air care platform”
$HYAC — Biote, a “differentiated medical practice-building business within the hormone optimization space”
$RAM — @infinitebysuku, a “leading metaverse infrastructure platform for brands”
$IMPX — LiveWire, “Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle division”
$SVFC@SymboticTweet, a “revolutionary AI-enabled tech platform for the supply chain”
$PRPB@GettyImages, a “preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace”
$NMMC- @Corcentric, a “leading B2B network that transforms how companies purchase, pay, and get paid”
$VGII — @grovecollab, a “leading sustainable consumer products co.”
— Aerami Therapeutics
$OACB — Alvotech, a “biosimilar platform focused on the development and manufacture of high-quality biosimilar medicines”
@tomorrowio_, the “world’s weather and climate security platform”
$APSG - American Express Global Business Travel, the “world’s leading B2B travel platform”
$BOAS - Selina, the “fastest-growing experiential brand targeting Millennial and Gen-Z travelers”
$ACTD - OPAL Fuels, a “leading vertically integrated producer/distributor of renewable natural gas”
$CFVI - @rumblevideo, the “neutral video platform”
$SCLE - @voltusinc, the “leading distributed energy resource software tech platform”

November 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$ADEX Bitcoin miner Griid Infrastructure is in talks to merge, Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp, at a valuation of over $3B, according to Bloomberg.
$ACAH 3D printing co. Essentium is in talks to go public via a merger with Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp.
$DWAC Digital World Acquisition Corp. — the SPAC that has inked a deal with Trump’s media venture — is set to test Wall Street’s appetite via a PIPE roadshow

Confirmed deals:
$ADEX - Griid Infrastructure, a “vertically integrated bitcoin self-mining co.”
$BLTS -@manscaped, a “leading men’s lifestyle and consumer brand”
$BENE - @echydrogen a hydrogen-based fuel supplier, Ecombustible.
$BSGA@BitdeerOfficial, a “world-leading tech co. for the crypto mining community"
$ASPC — Semantix “Latin America’s first fully integrated data software platform”
$ATSP@SoundHoundInc, a “global leader in voice AI technology”
$CHPM — Accelus, an “emerging leader in minimally invasive spine surgery”
$WALD - Obagi + Milk Makeup, to create a “global multi-brand beauty & wellness platform
$RCLF - @Gett_UK , a “category-leading, corporate ground transportation management platform”
$CPTK - @BrivoInc , the “global leader in cloud-based access control and smart building tech”
$VTAQ DA w/ @presto_ai, a “leading provider of restaurant labor productivity tech”
$TCAC DA w/ @SpringBIG , the “largest loyalty & marketing automation platform for the cannabis industry”
$HUGS - @panerabread Panera Breads, a US chain store of bakery-café fast-casual restaurants with over 2,000 locations.
$DSAC - @FiscalNote an “AI-driven enterprise SaaS co. that delivers legal & regulatory data & insights”
$BIOT - Blade Therapeutics, a “biopharm co. focused on developing cutting-edge treatments for debilitating fibrotic and neurodegenerative diseases”
$AGBA - TAG Companies.
$QFTA -@TradeStation, a “fintech pioneer in online trading for the self-directed investor”
$SBEA - @blckriflecoffee , a “rapidly growing premium coffee company and lifestyle brand”

October 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:

$CCV Thrasio has delayed its plan to go public through a SPAC amid complications with its financial audits, according to CNBC
$RBA CBilly Beane’s RedBall SPAC is near a deal with @SeatGeek (somewhat different from its earlier target Fenway Sports Group, owner of the Boston Red Sox & Liverpool FC) New Down pointing backhand index
$DUNE BLOOMBERG RUMOR: Online Brokerage TradeZero Said in Merger Talks With Dune SPAC
$PAQC BLOOMBERG RUMOR: Li-Backed Hyphen in Talks on $1 Billion SPAC Deal
$SV and AeroFarms terminate the merger agreement.
$BENE Hydrogen Fuel Firm, ECombustible, in talks to merge
$SVFC RUMOR: Walmart-backed robotics group Symbotic in $4.5bn talks to merge with SoftBank SPAC
$DWAC will be merging with “Trump Media and Technology Group”, at an $875M valuation, according to a press release circulating.
$TWNT WSJ RUMOR: Satellite Maker Terran Orbital Strikes $1.58 Billion SPAC Deal
$ASAQ Platinum Equity is in talks to take prison phone company Securus — one of its most controversial investments to date — public via a SPAC.

Confirmed deals:
$FMAC@StarryInternet, a “next-gen licensed fixed wireless technology developer and ISP”
$SNII@rigetti, a “global leader in full-stack quantum computing”
$HLXA — MoonLake Immunotherapeutics, a “clinical-stage biotech company focused on creating next-level therapies for inflammatory skin and joint diseases”
$ARTA — Prenetics, a “global leader in genomic and diagnostic testing”
$EJFA — Pagaya, “enables financial institutions to expand access to more customers through its AI network”
$DUNE@TradeZer0, a “next-gen, active trading platform”
$RBAC — @SeatGeek , a “ticketing technology leader”
$ACEV — Tempo Automation, a “leading software-accelerated electronics manufacturer”
$ADER — Okada Manila, the “leading integrated gaming resort in the Philippines”
$DWAC — Trump Media & Technology Group — “mission is to create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley”
$BRPM@FaZeClan, a “leading gaming, lifestyle and media platform”
$TWNT@TerranOrbital, the “global leader in the development and innovation of small satellites”

September 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$SMIH Singapore biotech startup Mirxes in talks for US$1.2b SPAC listing in US https://businesstimes.com.sg/garage/singapore-biotech-startup-mirxes-in-talks-for-us12b-spac-listing-in-us
$GLBL nearing a deal with Tiedemann Group + Alvarium Investments per WSJ
$PPGH Taiwanese startup Gogoro, which specializes in battery swapping, is in talks to go public through a merger w/ Poema Global Holdings Corp. (a SPAC)
$BTWN Traveloka has halted talks to go public through a deal with Bridgetown, a blank check company backed by billionaires Richard Li and Peter Thiel, according to sources.
$SLAM ends merger talks with Panini SpA (talks set valuation around $3B) after the company “lost exclusive licenses related to the NBA and NFL”, per Bloomberg

Confirmed deals:
$ARYD — Caritas Therapeutics, a “next-generation genetic medicine company” (from Amicus Therapeutics gene therapy business).
$TUGC — SAITECH Limited, a “Eurasia based energy saving Bitcoin mining operator”
$GGPI@PolestarCars, the “global electric performance car company”
$GSQD@transfixIO, a “leading, next-gen digital freight platform”
$GLBL — Tiedemann Group + Alvarium Investments to create a “leading independent, global investment firm”
$MOTV@Forge_Global, a “leading global private securities marketplace”
$HTPA — Packable, a “leading tech-led e-commerce marketplace enablement platform”
$NXU@EnergyVaultInc, a “gravity-based, grid-scale energy storage solutions company”

August 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$ALTU in talks w/ @Getaround per Reuters
$MUDS Official press release for the termination of the merger agreement with @Topps.
$TWND Deal w/ QOMPLX terminated, the merger meeting had been pushed back twice already
Investment platform OurCrowd in negotiations for $1 billion SPAC merger | Ctech
$ZNTE Negotiations for @embraer to spinoff #eVTOL subsidiary @EveAirMobility through a merger with Zanite Acquisition #SPAC are “moving well” says president Francisco Neto in the earnings call.
$IPVF — Climate change-focused fintech startup @Aspiration (which counts @LeoDiCaprio among investors) is in talks to go public through Interprivate III Financial Partners (a SPAC).
$VTIQ — China’s tech crackdown thwarts http://Pony.ai's U.S. listing plans per Reuters. http://Pony.ai had been in exclusive talks w/ VectoIQ Acq. II
$ROSS Wilbur Ross’s SPAC Is in Talks to Merge With GaN Systems
$SPGS Kastle Systems, a security services provider backed by Mark Ein, is in Talks to Go Public Through Simon SPAC
$FAC TTidjane Thiam’s Spac in is talks with Mexican fintech Credijusto. For Thiam, it’s his first attempt to refashion his image as a dealmaker following his controversial departure from Credit Suisse
$GSEV Packaging technology co. Footprint ( @planetfootprint ), which is attempting to eliminate single-use plastics, is in talks to go public through a merger with a Gores SPAC. McDonald’s & Sweetgreen are customers
$SBII Hydrow, which competes against Peloton for a slice of the at-home fitness market, is in talks to go public via Sandbridge X2 (a SPAC) in a deal set to value the combined entity at over $1 billion
$BTWN The Traveloka talks are still alive, per Bloomberg.
$QELL Intends to enter into an agreement w/ Brazilian airline Azul for 220 aircraft up to $1B

Confirmed deals
$PAIC — Revelation Biosciences, a “life sciences co. developing therapeutics and diagnostics for respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19”
$OPA@Forbes, the “iconic business information brand”.
$ACBA — DDC Enterprise Limited, a “digital publisher and merchandiser company”
$NGCA — @VirginOrbit, a “responsive launch and space solutions company”
$IPVF — @Aspiration, a “leading sustainability services platform for people and businesses”
$ADF — @Hagerty, a “leading specialty insurance provider for classic and enthusiast vehicles”
$MBAC — @Syniverse, the “leading provider of mission-critical mobile platforms for carriers and enterprises"
$SLCR — Tim Horton’s China
$MTAC — Memic Innovative Surgery, a “medical device co. transforming surgery with its proprietary surgical robotic tech”
$FRSG — @eocharging, a “leader in electric vehicle fleet charging”
$EUSG — ADS-TEC Energy, a “leading ultrafast battery charging company”
$ENVI — @GreenLightBio1, a “biotech co. making RNA products affordable & accessible for human health and agriculture”
$ASAX — HotelPlanner & http://Reservations.com, “industry leaders in travel tech and online hotel bookings”
$MPAC — MultiMetaVerse, a business of developing and publishing animations and mobile games
$MCMJ — @Leafly, the “world’s leading online cannabis discovery marketplace and resource for cannabis consumers”
$CMLT — @EQRxINC, a “new type of pharmaceutical company committed to developing and delivering important new medicines to patients at radically lower prices”
$GCAC — @ceptontech, an “innovator in automotive ADAS lidar”
$FTAA — Pico, a “leading provider of technology solutions for the global financial markets community”
$YSAC — Sky Harbour LLC, a Developer of Private Aviation Infrastructure
$VPCB — @kredivo, the “leading digital consumer credit platform in Southeast Asia”.

July 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
Malaysia’s AirAsia aims to raise $300M via SPAC listing of digital business
$LCAP Payments recovery firm MSP is in talks to go public through Lionheart Acquisition Corp II (a SPAC)
$GGPI Volvo-backed electric vehicle maker Polestar, one of Tesla’s smaller rivals, is in talks to go public through Gores Guggenheim Inc. (a SPAC)
$MTAL German EV Startup E.GO Weighs Listing Options Including SPAC
$FRW Policygenius Is in Talks to Go Public Via Perella Forward SPAC
$SLAM is in talks to merge with Panini, which makes sports stickers, cards, and other collectibles, per Bloomberg
$VELO in talks w/@BBQ_Guys per Bloomberg
L Catterton exploring options to go public including via SPAC
$ENNV Digital manufacturing company, Fast Radius, is nearing an agreement to combine with the green-focused SPAC ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp
$BTNB Near deal w/@SGPropertyGuru, could be announced as soon as this week per Bloomberg
Vice Media’s plan to merge with $VII has stalled as the company struggles to raise additional financing for the deal amid questions about Vice’s valuation, according to people familiar with the situation.
$DGN SEvent-management software company Cvent is nearing a $5B-plus deal to merge with Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. II SPAC.
$SNII @spencerrascoff’s SPAC Supernova Partners Acquisition Co II is in talks to take foodservice software & analytics co Buyers Edge Platform public
$BLTS, Manscaped, a startup focused on below the waist men’s grooming products, is in talks to go public via a SPAC (Bright Lights Acquisition Corp.)
$GIW BLOOMBERG RUMOR: Nanosys Is in Talks to Go Public Via GigInternational1 SPAC around $1b valuation.
$GMBT DA coming soon with Swvl…Ride-Sharing Startup Swvl Nearing Deal to Go Public With Female-Led SPAC — WSJ

Confirmed deals
$ISOS@BowleroBowl, the “world’s largest owner/operator of bowling centers + PBA”
$KVSB@Nextdoor, the “neighborhood network”
$CFV@Satellogic, a “leader in satellite earth imagery”
$ATHN@heliogeninc, a “leading provider of AI-enabled concentrated solar energy”
$DMYQ@planet, an “earth data and analytics company”
$CND@circlepay, a “global financial technology firm that provides payments and treasury infrastructure”
$HCAQ@Hyperfine, “creator of the innovative portable MRI device” and @liminalsciences, “non-invasive brain monitoring”
$HCCC@AlphaTauMedical, the “developer of the pioneering alpha-radiation cancer therapy Alpha DaRT”
$FPAC@Bullish, a “technology company focused on developing financial services for the digital assets sector”
$LCAP@DiscoverMSP, a “leader in data-driven solutions, recovering improperly paid benefits on behalf of Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers”
$IVAN — SES, a “lithium-metal battery supplier for electric vehicles”
$CBAH — Altus Power, a “market-leading clean electrification company”
$LGV@HeartFlow, the “leader in precision heart care”
$RTPY@aurora_inno, the “self-driving technology company”
$PFDR@ServiceMax, a “leader in field service management SAAS”
$ATMR@studiofathom, an “on-demand manufacturing leader”
$IIAC@Zegna, a “leading global luxury group”
$ENNV@fastradius, a “first-of-its-kind cloud manufacturing and digital supply chain company”
$CPSR — Gelesis, a “consumer-focused biotherapeutics company and maker of Plenity”
$OCA@kinsured, the “only pure-play direct-to-consumer home insurance tech company”
$VELO@BBQ_Guys, a “leading online grilling and outdoor living e-commerce platform”
$XPDI@Core_Scientific, the “largest blockchain hosting provider and digital asset miner in North America”
$MDH@olivecoverage & @PaylinkDirect, the “leader in payment services & online vehicle protection plans”
$DGNS@cvent, a “leading enterprise event technology provider”
$BTNB@SGPropertyGuru, “Southeast Asia’s leading digital property marketplace group”

$TPGS — @vacasarentals , “North America’s leading vacation rental mgmt platform”
$GMBT — @SwvlEgypt, a “transformative mass transit platform”
$SPAQ — @AllegoCharging, a “leading Pan-European EV Charging company”
$MACQ — @AdTheorent, a “leader in data science and machine learning optimized advertising”

June 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$PSTH Discussions to Acquire 10% of Universal Music Group for appx $4B (€35B EV)
$RTPY, Autonomous vehicle startup Aurora is close to finalizing a deal to merge with $RTPY, according to TechCrunch.
$HZON Sportradar Pulls $10 Billion SPAC Deal in Favor of Traditional IPO
Private jet operator Vista Global (one of @PhilMickelson‘s sponsors) is in talks to go public through a SPAC merger that could value it at >$10 billion, including debt, according to Bloomberg.
$DCRC — Solid Power, a Ford & BMW-backed maker of solid-state batteries (which could dramatically speed up electric-vehicle adoption), is in talks to go public through a merger w/ Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp. III.
$BSN is close to a merger deal with Flying taxi start-up, Vertical Aerospace — “the deal was likely to value Vertical Aerospace, which is targeting its first commercial flights in 2024, at close to $2B”.
$ZNTE Brazil’s @embraer is in talks to merge its eVTOL arm @EveAirMobility with Zanite Acquisition Corp., in what’d be the latest flying taxi SPAC deal
BuzzFeed is in discussions to raise ~$200M in convertible bonds as part of the deal talks with $ENFA (the deal could be announced within the next few weeks)
$NGCA Branson plots $3bn SPAC merger to launch Virgin Orbit
$GHAC Z Capital is merging Affinity Gaming with Daily Racing Form owner Sports Information Group, creating a ~$1.3 billion (EV) entity that is slated to merge with Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp.
$KRNL Indoor farming startup infarm is in talks to go public via a merger with Kernel Group Holdings (a SPAC)
$CCV is in talks to merge with Thrasio, an acquirer of private-label businesses on Amazon, at a valuation of “well over $2B”
$CCAC Quanergy nears China-backed SPAC deal to go public at a valuation of $1.1B.
$ISOS is hoping to strike a deal with Bowlero, an operator of bowling centers at a valuation of about $2.6B, according to Bloomberg.
$FPAC Crypto exchange Bullish is in talks to merge with a SPAC co-led by former NYSE president Thomas Farley.
$MBAC Syniverse, a Carlyle-backed messaging co., is in talks to go public through a merger with M3-Brigade Acquisition II Corp.
$NGCA Per Sky News, they are in advanced talks of a merger at a valuation of approximately $3B.
$DHCA EV charging startup FreeWire Technologies is in talks to go public via a merger w/ DHC Acquisition Corp.

Confirmed deals
@babylonhealth, a world-leading, digital-first, value-based care company
$GIG@BigBearIO, a leading provider of AI, ML, cloud analytics, and cyber engineering solutions
$KCAC@wallboxchargers, a smart charging and energy solutions provider
$KVSA@ValoHealth, a fully integrated end-to-end human-centric AI-driven drug discovery platform
$TMTS@NextNav, a leader in next-generation GPS
$YAC — SIGNA Sports United, a leading global sports e-commerce and technology platform
$BSN@VerticalAero, a leading UK-headquartered engineering and aeronautical business developing eVTOL aircraft
$VPCC@davebanking, a leading banking app w/ 10M customers
$SVOK — @BoxedWholesale, an e-commerce grocery shopping platform selling bulk consumables
$DCRC@SolidPowerInc, an industry-leading all-solid-state battery producer
$ROCR — Qualtek, a leading 5G and renewables infrastructure services provider
$GSAH@MirionHQ, a global provider of mission-critical radiation detection and measurement solutions
$LIII@localbounti, a disruptive agtech company redefining the future of farming
$PSTH to Acquire 10% of the Ordinary Shares of Universal Music Group from Vivendi S.E. for Approximately $4 billion, Representing an Enterprise Value of €35 Billion
$DDMX — Codere Online, the first publicly-listed online gaming operator in Latin America

$CCAC@quanergy, an “industry-leading provider of LiDAR sensors & 3D perception software”
$THMA DA w/ Pear Therapeutics, the “first end-to-end platform for prescription digital therapeutics”
$BCYP@SABBantibody, a “clinical-stage biopharm company w/ a novel immunotherapy platform that produces targeted, high potency, fully-human polyclonal antibodies at scale”
$NGAB@embarktrucks, “America’s longest-running self-driving truck program”
$IACB@innovid, a “global leader in connected TV ad delivery and measurement”
$ENFA@BuzzFeed, a “culture-defining platform for digital content and commerce”
$DFPH@OncologySupport, the “U.S. market leader in value-based oncology care”
$TREB — System1 a “leading omnichannel customer acquisition platform”
$FSII — Pardes Biosciences, an “early stage biopharmaceutical company”
$TVAC@inspirato, the “innovative luxury travel subscription brand”

May 2021
Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
Israeli-founded video advertising company, Innovid, is in talks to go public via a merger with a SPAC.
$IACB is “among the candidates to merge with Innovid”
$GTPB Alto Pharmacy is in talks to go public through a Gores SPAC (Gores Technology Partners II)
$HZON Sportradar, Boehly’s Horizon II SPAC Extend Acquisition Talks
$IPOF Equinox has discussed going public via a @chamath Spac
Iris Energy considers a SPAC merger per Bloomberg -Streamline Innovations considers a SPAC merger per WSJ -Innovid is in talks to go public via SPAC, $IACB is among the candidates per Calcalist SPAC (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. VI) $IPOF
$VII Vice Media Targets Valuation of ~$3 Billion in Proposed SPAC Deal with
$SWBK Bird plans to go public via SPAC, at a $2.3 billion valuation, below the $2.85 billion valuations it reached at the beginning of 2020 before the pandemic.
$SCVX nearing deal with Bright Machines per WSJ
Yunhong International to combine w/Giga Energy Inc.
+2% in talks w/ Memic Innovative Surgery per Bloomberg
in talks w/@wejoHQ per Bloomberg
$LEGO in talks w/ Algoma Steel per Bloomberg
$GIG Artificial intelligence specialist BigBear is in talks to go public through a merger w/ GigCapital4 (a SPAC) Scoop
Rivian is preparing for an IPO that could come this year and is targeting a $70B valuation per Bloomberg, up from a January ’21 round that valued it at $27.6B

Confirmed deals
$MAAC — Roviant Sciences, a “biopharmaceutical and healthcare technology company”
$AMHC — Jasper Therapeutics, a “biotech company focused on hematopoietic stem cell transplant therapies”
— ESS, Inc., a “long-duration energy storage solutions company”
$LSAQ — Science 37, “developer of the decentralized clinical trial operating system”
$LOKB — Navitas Semiconductor, the “industry leader in GaN Power ICs”
@BensonHillInc, a “sustainable food technology company driving the plant-based food revolution”
$HCIC — Plus, a “global provider of self-driving truck technology”
$LIVK@AgileThought, a “leading provider of digital transformation and consulting services”
$AUS — Wynn Interactive, the online gaming division of Wynn Resorts.
@betterdotcom, a “digital homeownership platform”
@arqitltd, a “leader in quantum encryption tech”
@BirdRide, a “leader in electric micromobility”
$SRNG@Ginkgo, to “expand its leading platform for cell programming”
$SCVX — Bright Machines, a leader in intelligent, software-defined manufacturing
@redbox, America’s destination for affordable new-release movies and entertainment
@JamCityHQ, a leading mobile entertainment company
$PTK@ValensAuto, a market leader in high-speed connectivity
— P3 Health Partners, a patient-centered and physician-led population health mgmt company
@TritiumCharging, a pioneer in e-mobility and EV charging infrastructure
@acorns, the largest subscription service in consumer finance
$LWAC — eFFECTOR, a next-generation oncology company developing a new class of cancer therapies
$VOSO@wejoHQ, a global leader in connected vehicle data.

April 2021

Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
EV maker @PolestarCars weighs listing via SPAC per Bloomberg -Battery maker
@ProLogium weighs listing via SPAC per Bloomberg
#BritishVolt Battery U.K.’s Giant Battery Factory Developer Looks for a SPAC Deal per Bloomberg
$MRAC — Enjoy, a company that has operated retail stores for Apple, AT&T, BT, EE & Rogers, is in talks to go public through a SPAC
$GMII in talks to merge with Sonder, at a more than $2.5B valuation, according to Bloomberg.
$YAC — SIGNA Sports United in talks to go public through a SPAC deal per Reuters
EV manufacturer Karma Automotive in talks with multiple SPACs about merger take the company public
Impossible Foods is preparing to go public and is exploring a SPAC merger or an IPO Reuters
Indonesia’s Traveloka is in advanced talks to go public through merging with Richard Li’s Bridgetown SPAC
$SRNG-U in talks to merge with Ginkgo Bioworks at a potentially more than $20B valuation, according to Bloomberg
Israeli co Autotalks nears $2b valuation SPAC via Globes
$PTK in talks with @ValensAuto per Bloomberg
$KURI in talks with @babylonhealth per Bloomberg
$DEH in talks report w/ Vicarious Surgical, Bloomberg
$DNZ in talks to merge w/ GTCR-backed adtech co. Simplifi
$TVAC — in talks with luxury travel startup Inspirato is in talks to go public. Bloomberg
Israeli chipmaker Valens is in advanced talks to merge with a SPAC (unidentified), at a valuation between $1–1.2B, according to Calcalist.
$SVFC in talks with @Mapbox per Sky News

$HCIC Self-driving truck startup Plus is in talks to merge with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp.
WayRay, a developer of holographic car displays that are backed by Porsche and Alibaba, is considering a listing through a SPAC — Bloomberg
$SEAH Super Group, the parent company of online bookmaker @betway, is nearing a deal to go public through a SPAC merger with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp- Reuters
Israeli Fintech Pagaya is currently in negotiations with several SPACs

Confirmed deals
$ROT@Sarcos_Robotics, a “leader in the development of robots that augment humans”
$MUDS@Topps, an “iconic leader in sports & entertainment products and novelty confections”
$CAHC@LumiraDx, a “next-gen point of care diagnostics testing company”
$MCAD@Better_Tx, a “prescription digital therapeutics company delivering cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of cardiometabolic diseases”
$RICE — Aria Energy + Archaea Energy, to create the “industry-leading renewable natural gas platform”
$TWCT@Cellebrite_UFED, the “leading intelligence solutions provider”
$AGC — Grab, the “leading super app for deliveries, mobility, and financial services in Southeast Asia”
$BCTG - Tango Therapeutics, a “biotechnology company committed to discovering and delivering the next generation of precision cancer medicines”
$DEH — Vicarious Surgical, a “next-gen robotics technology company seeking to improve cost and efficiency of surgical procedures”
$ROCC@ReservoirMedia, a “leading independent music company”
$CHFW — Surrozen, a “company pioneering targeted therapeutics that selectively activate the Wnt pathway for tissue repair and regeneration”
$VCVC REE Automotive Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Magna

$DBDR@CompoSecure, a “leading provider of premium financial payment cards and emergent provider of crypto storage and security solutions”
$HZAC@VividSeats, a “leading concert, sports and theater ticket marketplace”
$FWAA D — @SmartRentdotcom, “category-leading smart home technology for the global real estate industry”
$SEAH — Super Group, a “holding company for leading global online sports betting and gaming businesses”
@shapeways, a ‘leader in digital manufacturing”
$MRAC — Enjoy Technology, a “technology-powered service platform reinventing commerce at home”
$GMII@SonderStays, a “next-generation hospitality company”

March 2021

Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$AGC -> Grab Weighs U.S. IPO Through SPAC Merger
British auto data start-up Wejo in talks to go public in $2 billion
APGB.U- Apollo Strategic Growth Capital’s SPAC deal has expanded from just Solera to include two more Vista portfolio companies: DealerSocket & Omnitracs. A deal could be valued at about $15 billion.
$QELL — Lilium, a German flying taxi startup, is in talks to merge with Qell, a SPAC led by former GM exec Barry Engle. A deal is set to value the combined co. at >$2bn.
$HZON — Swiss gambling data company Sportradar is in talks to go public through a merger with a SPAC led by LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly (Horizon Acquisition Corp. II)
$ROCC -> Reservoir Media, a music publisher that represents copyrights & master recordings for artists including Lady Gaga, Sheryl Crow & Bruno Mars, is in talks to go public via a Roth SPAC.
$DEH -Vicarious Surgical, a startup backed by @BillGates, is in talks to go public through a SPAC (D8)
$HZAC@VividSeats a digital ticketing marketplace backed by GTCR & Vista Equity Partners, is in talks to go public through a SPAC led by Todd Boehly
German solar car firm, Sono Motors explores U.S. stock market listing via IPO or SPAC
$AGC- Altimeter SPAC is and the talks with Grab
$SVOK — Boxed, an online retailer of groceries/household products in bulk, is in talks to go public through a merger with a SPAC (Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp.)
$ENFA — Buzzfeed is in talks to go public through 890 5th Avenue Partners, a SPAC named after the Avengers mansion
$VII - Vice Media in advanced talks with 7GC

Confirmed deals

$MOTN Ambulnz (dba DocGo), a “leading provider of last-mile telehealth and integrate medical mobility services”
$NHICEvolvTechnology, the “leader in AI-enabled touchless security screening”
$NBA@AirspanNetworks, a “leading 5G technology company”
$DMYI @IonQ_Inc, the “first publicly traded pure-play quantum computing company”.
$GWAC Cipher Mining, a “newly-formed US-based Bitcoin mining company”
$RTPZ @hippo_insurance, a “company that is transforming the home insurance industry”
$SOAC @DeepGreenMetals, a “developer of the world’s largest estimated resource of battery metals for EVs” (pre-revenue until 2024)
$VMAC @anghami, the leading music streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa.
$CAP Doma, a disruptor in the closing process of the residential real estate industry.
$ACND Beacon Street Group, a subscription platform for financial research, software, and education.
$TWND QOMPLX, a leader in cloud-native risk analytics.
$NSH @SpireGlobal, a provider of space-based data and analytics.
$VACQ @RocketLab, an end-to-end space company and a global leader in launch.
$BOWX@WeWork, Reimagine your workspace.
$SV@AeroFarms, world leader in indoor vertical farming.
$GNPK@RedwireSpace, developer of mission-critical solutions for next-generation space infrastructure.
$SPFR@VELO3DMetal a “leader in the rapidly growing, high-value metal additive manufacturing market”
$CHAQ — Renovacor “an early-stage biotechnology company developing AAV-based gene therapies for cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases”
$TBA -@ironSource, a “leading business platform for the app economy”
$MLAC — Asia Vision Network, “Indonesia’s fastest-growing OTT media provider”
$CIIC Arrival (EV)
$SCPE -@RockleyPhotonic a “leading global supplier of integrated silicon photonic chips”
$ITAC@Arbe_Robotics , a “global leader in high-resolution 4D imaging radar technology”
$SPNV -@Offerpad, a “leading tech-enabled real estate solutions platform”
$FTCV @eToro, the “world’s leading social investment network”
$RACA -@PointBiopharma, a “next-generation radiopharmaceuticals company” (pre-revenue)
$GNRS — four cannabis companies — Shango, The Health Center, Theraplant and True Harvest.
$DFNS@IronNet, the “leader in collective defense and network detection and response”
$CTAC — KORE, a “global leader in internet of things solutions and connectivity-as-a-service”
$EMPW — Holley, the “largest performance automotive aftermarket platform”.
$AJAX @CazooUK, “UK’s leading online car retailer with a fast-growing presence in Europe”
$CMII -@SomaLogic, the “leading AI-data driven proteomics platform for advanced research and clinical apps”
$QELL@Lilium, “positioned to be the global leader in regional electric air mobility” (pre-revenue)
$LATN — Procaps Group, a “leading global pharmaceutical technology and healthcare company”

February 2021

Rumors/Announcements/In talks:
$CGGZ.UN Taiga Motors (Electric snowmobile and jet ski manufacturer)
$SFTW BlackSky (satellite data firm)
$ALTU Aerion(supersonic jet company)
Arrival (EV)
$EXPC — Blade (Scheduled and on-demand flights)
$AMCI — Advent (fuel cell and hydrogen technology)
$CRSA — LiveLox (Analysis tool for orienteering)
$FSRV — Katapult (consumer leasing platform)
$NPA — AST SpaceMobile (space-based cellular broadband network)
$GOEV Canoo (EV manufacturer)
$NGAC Xos Trucks (EV)
$APSG Solera Holdings (risk management software)
$SOAC — DeepGreen Metals
$DMYI — IonQ (quantum computing)
$ALTU — Aerion
$RMGB — ReNew Power

Confirmed deals February 2021:
$RTP Joby Aviation (flying taxi)
$RAAC — Berkshire Grey (robots, AI, and software that automate warehouses)(Chamath PIPE)
$RMGB — ReNew Power (clean energy company)(Chamath PIPE)
$AONE — Markforged (additive manufacturing)
$CCIV — Lucid Motors (EV)
$GRSV — Ardagh Group (recyclable metal beverage and glass packaging)

$TDAC→ Loterry.com (online platform to play lottery online)
$NGAC →Xos Trucks (commercial electric vehicle OEM)
$FAII DA → ATI Physical Therapy (outpatient physical therapy company)
$SVAC →Cyxtera (data center provider of retail colocation and interconnection services)
$NSTB → Apex Clearing (fintech company)
$SFTW → BlackSky (real-time geospatial intelligence)
$CAPA →Quantum-Si (semiconductor chip-based proteomics
$ESSC → JHD Holding (merchant enablement services platform)
$CFAC DA → @AEyeInc (lidar solutions)
$AHAC DA → Humacyte (biotechnology )
$AACQ DA →OriginMaterials (industrial engineering technology)
→ Li-Cycle (lithium battery recycler)
$HOL → Astra (rockets)
$THCB →Microvast (battery maker)
$FST → Fertitta Entertainment Golden Nugget/Landry’s (luxury hotel and casino)
$DGNR → CCC (Information Services)
$VCVC → REE Automotive (EV platform)
$SNPR →Volta Charging (EV charging station)
$DCRB →Hyzon Motors (hydrogen fuel cell maker)
$KSMT → Nexters (game developer)
$ACIC → Archer (electric aircraft)
$GRNV → Helbiz (micro-mobility)
$FRX →The Beachbody Company (fitness and nutrition)
$FGNA→Opportunity Financial (fintech platform)
$CMLF→ Sema4 (genomics, clinical data insights platform)
$NEBC → Rover (pet sitters network)
$ASPL → Wheels Up (private aircraft for hire)
23AndMe (DNA testing)
$FUSE → MoneyLion (mobile banking)
$SAII →Otonomo (marketplace for vehicle data)
$GHVI → Matterport (real estate software)
$FCAC →Sharecare (digital health)
$ACAC →PlayStudios (game developer)
$PACE →Needy (online learning)

January 2021
$CCIV → LucidMotors(EV)
$CRSA → LiveVox (contact center platform)
$PSAC→ Faraday Future (electric vehicles)
$PACE -> Needy (online learning)
$SAII →Otonomo (automotive data services platform)
$BOWXWe Work(shared workspaces)
$VGAC23AndMe (DNA testing)
$CFAC →Aeye (robotic vision)
$THCA -> Transfix (digitial freight marketplace)
$ZNTE → Joby Aero Inc/ Lilium
$VIH ->bakkt (cryptocurrency exchange)

Confirmed deals
$FCAC → ShareCare (health and wellness engagement platform)
$ACAC →PlayStudios (game developer)
$FUSE → MoneyLion (mobile banking)
$FTOCPayoneer (financial services)
$IPOE →Sofi Finance (online personal finance company)
$ACTC → Proterra(automotive and energy storage)
$CLOV -> Clover Health
$HEC → Talkspace (online therapy)
$SPRQ — Sunlight Financial (point-of-sale financing for residential solar systems)
$TSIA -> Latch (Full-Building Enterprise SaaS Platform)

Notable deals from December 2020
$BFT -> Paysafe
$FIII -> Electric Last Mile
$GIK — LightningEmotors
$THBR — Indie Semiconductor

Some #SPAC management teams with two or more SPACs (Pre-DA)

A longer list of SPAC announcements


Fintech: Coinbase, Affirm, Stripe, Chime, Acorns, Ant Group, Betterment, eToro, Transferwise, Marqeta, Patreon, Flywire, Trustly, Apifiny.

Games: Roblox, Epic Games, Playtika

Infrastructure: Gitlab, Digital Ocean, DataBricks, Squarespace, AppLovin

Ecommerce: Flipkart, Coupang, Poshmark

Cloud: UiPath, Qualtrics, Intercom, Vimeo, ZipRecruiter

Delivery: Instacart, Deliveroo, Zomato

Education: Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass

Real-estate: Compass

Insurance: Oscar Health

Social media: Bytedance (TikTok), Bumble

Mobility and Transportation: Rivian, Lucid Motors, Didi Chuxing, Grab, Auto 1

Food: Impossible Foods

Security: DarkTrace, SentinelOne

Health: Talkspace

Space: Starlink

Investing in IPOs in 2021?
It worths mentioning that successful companies regularly go public; doing the due diligence and finding those with the most potential is no easy task. If you’re interested in gaining exposure to the most significant new public US-listed companies in a portfolio, you should also check ETFs such as Renaissance IPO ETF.

Reflecting on 2020 IPOs

Alex Clayton, General Partner at Meritech Capital, put together an excellent summary of 2020 Cloud IPOs. The analysis goes into detail analyzing company metrics from the 16 SaaS IPOs that traded this year.

To make it public as a SaaS company in 2020, you were founded ~13 years ago, are at over $200M of implied ending ARR and growing ~40% YoY, have ~70%+ GAAP gross margins, are losing money, have a 115% dollar-based net expansion rate or net dollar retention rate, sell a product with an average ACV of ~$70K, have almost 1,200 FTEs, are based outside of Silicon Valley, raised ~$350M of equity capital from venture capitalists or are majority-owned by a private equity firm, sold ~$500M of stock to public investors for 14% of your company at a valuation of almost $4B, and as a CEO owns ~4% post IPO. Since the IPO, your stock is up almost 90% and you’re trading at over a 25x NTM (next-twelve-months) revenue multiple.

List of updates

Update 1 Top 10 hottest IPO names for 2021 created

Update 2 A broader list of potential IPO companies have been added and includes international names (China, India, UK, Africa)

Update 3 A category view has been added. Fintech, infrastructure, eCommerce, cloud-computing are the hottest sectors.

Update 4 The map with 2021 announced SPACS had been added

Update 5 Perspectives about the Renaissance IPO ETF added

Update 6 Key reflections from 2020 IPOs added

Update 7 Links to SEC S1 Fillings and tickers added

Update 8 Links/Videos to company breakdowns added

Update 9 Calendar with IPOs with ticker name and the opening price

Update 10 Updated the structure of the article and added the Table of contents
Update 11 Made a split of the SPAC calendar into rumored and confirmed deals.

Do you think I have missed some important names? If yes, who are they, and where did you learn about them? Please write a comment below about why they are relevant and where you learn that they are going public. And if you learned something new with this story, give it some claps!



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