In this article, you will discover what are the hottest IPO companies and the SPACS deals that are announced or rumored in 2021.

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Top 10 IPO 2021 Names

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August 2021

  • Aug 24, WRBY | Warby Parker Inc.
  • Jul 21, $PYCR | Paycor
  • Jul 21, $KLTR Kaltura
  • Jul 23, $OB | Outbrain
  • Jul 28 DUOL | Duolingo, Inc.
  • Jul 29 $HOOD | Robinhood
  • Jun 3, $DLO |DLocal
  • Jun 9, $MQ | Marqeta
  • Jun 10, $MNDY |…

New technologies, fast-growing clusters, and the token economy are changing the game. UiPath reaches $1B+ valuation.

This analysis of the Romanian startup ecosystem showcases investments, exits, key startups, founders, and important actors that you need to know if you are or if you are planning to become a startup founder.


The Romanian tech ecosystem is growing. Our analysis shows that in Romania, 20 startups raised €11.3m in total in 2016. Comparatively, 15 deals with a value of €10.7m were concluded in 2015. To put it in perspective, European startups raised €16.2b …

Bogdan Florin Ceobanu

Policy maker and entrepreneur creating value by approaching problems from an interdisciplinary perspective using new technologies.

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